The Gargano is not just sea, sand, nature but also offers a variety of attractions, including doing outdoor sports, enthusiastic and scenery that the only Gargano coast can offer, healthy walks among the beautiful woods of the Umbra Forest or for motorcycle enthusiasts can explore the fantastic scenery along the paths of the promontory.

Within the Gargano area are: the fantastic landscapes of the Umbra Forest and the spectacular bays and beaches of the coast south of the Gargano coast.

A reality of tradition, history, culture, religious places such as San Giovanni Rotondo, a village made famous thanks to the saint of Pietrelcina "Padre Pio" or Monte Sant'Angelo, where you can visit the Cave of the Archangel Michael, archaeological sites such as that the Oasi of WWF "La Salata", one of the most important of which is the Gargano witness the arrival of Christianity on the Gargano.

Do not forget the true gems of the Gargano Coast : Vieste and Peschici, islands Tremiti house where she finds a paradise for divers for its rich fauna and flora of the crystalline sea floor, hidden coves and splendid sea caves for their beauty breathtaking.

Most of the accommodation facilities on the coast of Gargano recently built, modern and suitable for every type of customer.

The typical flavors of the cuisine of Gargano, is one of the most refined cuisine. Menus of both land and sea mean that new visitors fall in love the products of our land.


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