Hotel Scialara - Vieste - Gargano - Puglia

Located in a prestigious location on the south shore of the Pearl of Gargano, the Scialara Hotel is located near the center of Vieste and less than 50 meters from the beach Pizzomunno.

One of the most distinctive features of 'Hotel 3 stars of Vieste on the Gargano, being close to the sea, is to enjoy the magical views of the famous cliff Pizzomunno which offers guests the unique moments and charming to his holiday in Vieste in Gargano.

It is therefore the ideal place for people wishing to spend their holidays in Hotel in Vieste on the Gargano.

For guests, l 'Hotel Scialara offers: bar, lounge, TV room, parking, garage and as a novelty of 2010, the new swimming pool.

The restaurant located 50 meters from the hotel Merinum, one of the most popular and the first hotels built in Vieste, Gargano offers typical cuisine, rich dishes with fresh fish. Refined hospitality in warm, sunny family and is made so, thanks to the direct management of the owners.

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Hotel Scialara - Lungomare E. Mattei, 30 - 71019 Vieste (FG)
Tel. Est. +39.0884.706684 - Tel. Inv. +39.0884.703621 - Fax +39.0884.705966 - - P.IVA 00580020717

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