The Beach

The private beach is available to customers of fine golden sand with a bottom that slopes so gently, for the tranquility of smaller less experienced swimmers.

" The Legend of Pizzomunno and Cristalda .... "

One of the most typical beaches of Vieste is the beach of Pizzomunno, The name is linked to the imposing monolith this white beach that emerges from the depths of the sea. Since ancient times the inhabitants of Vieste tell a love story of two young Viestani: Pizzomunno and Cristalda.

He, a handsome young man of high stature and face framed by long blond hair, her. The two loved each other a sincere love and timeless. Pizzomunno he went every day on the beach to go to sea with his boat.

Off, striking sirens adored him and wanted to seduce him with their singing. The man faithful to Cristaldi, refused to become the lover, to the point of jealousy and annoy the sirens, who decided to punish the man dragging his beloved Cristalda the depths of the sea, taking it away from him forever.

Then the body is petrified Pizzomunno monolith in white with pain.

Even today, this monolith is a meeting place for visitors, all enchanted by the scenary imposed by Pizzomunno.

Legend has it that the two young lovers give appointment on expiry of one hundred years to revive their passion in the short time of one night.


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